BI Ptfe(Teflon) coated glass fabric belt for Roll magnetic separator

Width up to 2000mm available
Length as per customer

• BI10NP(0.25mm Thickness)Brown, BI10NP(0.25mm Thickness)Black, BI14NP(0.35mm Thickness)brown, BI14NP(0.35mm Thickness)Black
• BI belt Size : as per customer requirement.
• BI belt with or without Button, revert or guider (material Brass or Teflon) as per customer requirement.

• BI belt(use in roll magnet separator belt ) are most suitable for various types of Industrial Minerals applications i. e. Abrasive, Refractory and Ceramic Raw Material beneficiation, Alumina, Silica, Carbide, Magnetic, Quartzite, etc. Glass Raw Materials, Clean Silica Sand, quartz, Feldspar, Dolomite etc., Ultra High Purity Quartz Cleaning, Graphite Upgrading, Manganese Ore Beneficiation, Bauxite Upgrading, Diamond ore benification, Selective Separation of Garnet / Ilmenite/Rutile, Zircon, Beneficiation of Iron ore, Recovery of Metals from Slag, Removal of Ferro Silicatge from Limestone, Megnesite etc.

Use in solar tabber stringer machine

Size: As per customer requirement
Thickness: 0.26 and 0.35mm to 0.38mm
Hole: round and capsule
Hole row: as per customer drawing

Ptfe Solar laminator sheet

Size: As per customer requirement
Thickness: 0.26 and 0.35mm

• For 3,4 and 5 bus-bar
• 0.26mm,0.35mm
• Color brown, black
• Temperature range (-60°C to +340°C)
• Perforated for vacuum
• Fire resistance
• Should not react with flux used for soldering
• Non sticky to solder
• No effect on solar cell
• Regular Hold sizes
• Two, Four and six holes per line
• Required size also available

• Use Solar tabber stringer machine
• Use in Solar laminator machine

BI Two ply Ptfe(Teflon) sealing machine belt

Our Ptfe(Teflon) Two ply belts with static-resistance varnished cloth inside and tearing-resistance fiberglass cloth outside, 2ply belts has a great improvement on its intensity, long using life, well balanced thickness(0.26mm,0.36 and 0.50mm), excellent deflecting preventing capacity, smooth surface, it’s better for super thin fabric fusing.

• All type of Sealing machine

Timing or teeth Sealing machine belt

Our offered belt are being imported from reputed manufacturers using optimum quality raw material and advanced technology. generally 3 types of teeth belts are available Code 410, 420 & 428. these belts are used in Continuous Sealing machines with matching light power grip timing pulleys for increased load capacity and smooth play.

• All type of Sealing machine

Ptfe adhesive tape & Ptfe(Teflon) glass fabric Roll

Ptfe Coated Fibreglass one side silicone pressure sensitive Adhesive tapes for temperature resistance upto 260C. These Tapes are used in sealing of polymer film in FFS, Impulse sealer Band Sealer, & bags making machine. During this operation the plastic film is hot & sticky & the operation is made more efficient if the sealing bars are covered with the strips of PTFE Adhesive tapes, which is a very good heat conductor & gives non-stick Surface We also have fabrics & Tapes which gives impression on the sealing area. We also have premium grades of Adhesive tapes which are specially used in Oil & Ghee packings

• All type of Sealing machine & Packing machine