Teflon Fusing Machine Button Belt


High Temperature resistant
Corrosion resistance
High insulation performance
Endurance and durable
Size stability
Tracking device
with revert


Fuse pressing belts used in apparel production
Collar-fusing and cuff-fusing,
Garment- Fusing press Belts
Fusing Machine Like Hashima-400 CS, Hashima-450 CS
Fusing Machine Like Feblon KCF-FA-450 U, AG-450, AG-550, AG-700, DY-600 H, DY-12000 H, KCF-900 LS, HP-1000 ED, HP-120 LE, HP-60 LSA, HP-90 LD, HS-1245 CS, HP-465 TF, HPM-600 BA, HP-800 TS, etc.

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